Heart and dedication. In all our activities we strive for one thing:


Food. Care. Cuddles.

Today there are about 100 cats living at the Casetta. Not only we care for the cats in our sanctuary, we also look after several cat colonies around Rome. We feed out kitties twice a day, everyday. We clean their communal areas, their litters and the inside and outside of the building grounds. Also the cat colonies we look after receive food twice daily. We provide special treatments for the most needy and ill cats. We work with vets and specialists for all the routine (vaccinations, etc) and special treatments. And finally, we make sure that the most effective cure of all is given daily: cuddles, love and affection to all our kitties.

Neutering /Spaying

One of the main objective of our organisation is to tackle the phenomenon of outdoor strays. We firmly believe that the only way to put a stop to this is by spreading knowledge about the issue and by carrying out neutering and spaying campaign.
La Casetta Dei Gatti neuters/spays all the cats present at the sanctuary and in the cat colonies it looks after. We offer help and support to those who want to neuter/spay stray cats in their neighbours. We plan, create and carry out a lot of aware campaigns regarding this issue throughout the year.


Getting La Casetta cats adopted by loving families is another important activity we carry out on a daily basis. Every year the Casetta manages to get more than a hundred cats adopted and it has one of the highest adoption percentage rate in the region. This success is due to several factors: from the care and attention of our volunteers, to the great work of our communication team through our social media pages. If you want to adopt one of our cats, you can visit our sanctuary during the opening hours (or by appointment outside opening hours). One of our volunteers will introduce you to our kitties; you’ll be able to speak to the sanctuary’s director and she’ll answer all your questions. Once the adoption procedure is finalised, you’ll be able to take your newly adopted cat home.


“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world” (Nelson Mandela). Only by spreading knowledge and information about the issues of strays and of cats getting dumped, abandoned and mistreated that we can change things. The Casetta is committed to the planning and promotion of many initiatives in the region aimed to inform and make the general public aware about these issues. We organise school events, flyers distribution and social media campaigns. If you would like to support us, take part in one of our events, or have an awesome idea for a new campaign, get in touch with us!

School Projects

Aware Project for the Primary School

The following project was designed and carried out by La Casetta Dei Gatti in a Roman primary school (Istituto Comprensivo Giovanni Paolo II). Aimed to children in primary schools, the goals of the project was to raise the children’s awareness towards pets, especially cats – how to relate to them and how to prevent detrimental behaviours (mistreatment, abandonment, etc). 

Our goal and our dream is to take this project to a lot more school in the city of Rome.