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Help our sanctuary

There are many ways you can support our cause and help the cats in our shelter. We rely solely on your help to carry out our mission and give a second chance to many unlucky souls.

You can join our sponsorship programme and sponsor one of our rock-star cats, involve your friends in a fundraiser for us, donate food and the much-needed goods and material we use on a daily basis to carry on the daily activities at the shelter. Finally, you can donate your time by becoming one of our volunteers. Thank you for your support and thank you for caring about Roman cats! 

Help Us Pay for Food and Treatments

Make a Donation

Click on the button below to donate via PayPal. Want to become one of our star supporters? Select the option “Make this a monthly donation“. Monthly donations allow us to better plan our activities and carry on long-term plans and guarantee food and therapies to all our kitties.

You can also make a donation by bank transfer to:

Associazione La Casetta Dei Gatti
Bank Name: Cariparma
IBAN: IT85C0623003205000040284724

Send Us Products via Amazon

Send Household Essentials

Every week we use a lot of cleaning products, such as detergents, bleach, paper towels, bin bags, plastic plates, and disposable gloves in order to keep the sanctuary clean and tidy as well as to safeguard the health of our cats. The cost for these everyday household products amounts to hundreds of dollars every month! Sending us these items through AMAZON is a real, tangible help that allows us to carry on our work at the Sanctuary in the best way possible. Click below to create an account with Amazon.it (Amazon in Italy) and see the list of things we need. The delivery address is:

La Casetta Dei Gatti,

Via Dei Rocciatori snc (fronte civico 64),

00143, Roma, Italia

Sponsor One of  the Stars of the Sanctuary!

Sponsor a Cat

Be part of the Casetta Family!

Volunteer with Us

The volunteers are the soul of La Casetta Dei Gatti! There’s always lots of work to be done and we are happy to welcome new volunteers. There are many volunteering activities: from feeding our feline friends to planning awareness projects and fundraising events. Join us!

Spread The Casetta Word!

Share on Social Media

A small gesture such as following us on Instagram or Facebook or sharing one of our adoption posts or appeals go a long way. This is how we manage to reach thousands of people around the world, many of whom have become long term supporters or have travelled all the way to Rome to volunteer with us. Share the Casetta word!

Make the Difference!


Want to make a real difference and become one of our star supporters? You can organise a fundraising campaign to support our cause. From creating a “Birthday Fundraiser” on Facebook, to organising an event in your local municipality, there are many ways to raise awareness and make people fall in love with cats in our shelter.

Let your creativity run wild while contributing to a good cause!

They Need Your Help!

Support La Casetta Dei Gatti by making a one-time or recurrent donation, by following our social media pages or by sponsoring one of our awesome cats!