We are a no-profit organization based in Rome, Italy.


Our Sanctuary has been open since 2004 and it’s located in a peaceful public park in ‘Cecchignola’, an area in the south of Rome. Our aim was that of creating a well-organised and tranquil sanctuary where we could nurse and look after injured and abandoned cats. The help, the love and the efforts of our many supporters and volunteers helped us turn our dream into reality. Today our shelter is one of the most highly regarded sanctuary in the city, where cats can roam free within sanctuary grounds.

We look after Roman cats and the cats entrusted to us by the municipality of Rome. We face many critical situations every day: sick cats, abandoned or affected by serious illnesses, mama-cats that just gave birth, cats requiring specialists’ care and extra-ordinary therapies. But thanks to the volunteers hard work and our supporters’ generous hearts, we always manage to give a second chance to hundreds of cats every year.

The Sanctuary

The Casetta is a safe space for all our feline friends. In our sanctuary cats are free to run, play and climb trees. They can get in and our of the building as they please and during the night they can sleep in the cat beds outside or the dormitory inside.

We have a nursery for mama-cats and kittens and two recovery areas for injured cats or cats that are still adjusting. The food is prepared in a designated area and then distributed to the cats in the sanctuary and to the cat colonies in our care. The cats have lots of cat beds and shielded areas inside and outside where they can protect themselves from the cold in the winter and escape the heat in the summer.

Our Mission

Our mission is to care for the cats that arrive at the Casetta in the best way possible, and to give a second chance at life to abandoned and injured cats.

Our Vision

Create a safe and tranquil space where cats can be treated and heal. Where they can feel safe and roam free on sanctuary grounds.

Our History

La Casetta Dei Gatti was officially founded in 2004. Over the years, we tried to look after the upkeep of the sanctuary buildings as best as possible, but we also had to undergo two significant renovations, one in 2006 and one in 2012, which we made possible thanks to the generosity of our supporters.

The Staff

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Lady Anna

Mrs Anna is a tireless Roman lady and the president of La Casetta Dei Gatti. She is the soul of the sanctuary! From day one of the shelter she has dedicated her life to helping cats, every day of the year. Her determination made the Casetta sanctuary possible. Anna is always present at the Casetta to welcome visitors and to give tips and advice to those wanting to adopt a kitty for the first time.


The Board

The board of the Casetta carries on the work of the sanctuary throughout the years, dedicating their time to maintaining the sanctuary buildings, helping its cats and those of many cat colonies. The members of the board have regular meetings to discuss the current issues and solutions and to make all the executive decisions together.


The Volunteers

Our wonderful volunteers are the sanctuary’s greatest resource. Without them it would be difficult to carry on the daily activities needed to ensure our cats wellbeing. Volunteers take care of our kitties, they prepare their food, clean their litters and rooms, and give them love, cuddles and affection. If you would like to volunteer with us please send us a message through the Contact Us page.