About Us

La Casetta Dei Gatti is a cat sanctuary located in a peaceful park in the southern part of Rome. Since 2004, we have been nursing and looking after injured and abandoned cats. Today we are one of the most highly regarded sanctuary in the city, where cats can roam free, play and climb trees within the sanctuary grounds. We also proud ourselves in having one of the highest adoption rate in central Italy!

A Sanctuary inside the city, where Cats can be Happy and roam Free

The Founder


Anna is a tireless Roman lady and the director of The Casetta. She is the soul of the sanctuary! From day one of its opening, she has dedicated her life to helping less fortunate cats. Her determination made the sanctuary possible. Anna is always present at The Casetta to welcome visitors and give tips and advice to those wanting to adopt a kitty for the first time.

“The Casetta is often hard work and emotionally distressful. We face many critical situations every day: sick cats, abandoned or affected by serious illnesses, mama-cats that just gave birth, cats requiring specialists’ care and extra-ordinary therapies. But thanks to the volunteers hard work and our supporters’ generous hearts, we always manage to give a second chance to hundreds of cats. No matter the challenge, we never leave anyone behind“.

Anna Pietrella

Founder and Director


Create a safe space for stray, abandoned and injured cats. A place where they can be treated when ill or injured, heal and find a forever home through our adoption programme.


Our mission is simple: we aim to give a second chance at life to stray, abandoned and injured cats. No matter the challenge, we never leave anyone behind.


The Casetta is made up of an amazing team of people: our director, Anna, three full-time staff and 20-25 volunteers, each of them helping in a specific field, from veterinary assistance to marketing and fundraising.


Volunteer and board member


Full-time staff 


Full-time staff and animal-rights activist


Clean Water


What We Do

Food Care & Cuddles

There are about 100 cats living at The Casetta. We also look after several cat colonies around Rome. We make sure all cats are fed twice a day, receive treatment if ill or injured, vaccines and routine checks, and get lots of love from our team.

Neutering & Spaying

All cats at The Casetta are neutered/spayed. We also make sure all the cats in the cat colonies we look after get neutered/spayed. This is the only effective way to reduce the number of strays and abandoned cats.


Every year, The Casetta manages to get more than 100 cats adopted (one of the highest adoption rate in the region!). This success is due to several factors: from the care of our volunteers to the great work of our communication team through our social media pages.  


Only by spreading the knowledge and information about the issues of strays and the abandonment and mistreatment of cats we can change things. The Casetta promotes many initiatives aimed to inform and make the general public aware about these issues.

They Need Your Help!

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